Post Conviction

Can A Post Conviction Attorney Help You?

Criminal convictions can make it impossible for a person to find respectable, stable employment. Because the computer age makes it so easy for employers, professional licensing organizations, and other groups to lookup your criminal record, you can be prevented from getting hired at a job you’re more than qualified for. Don’t despair! Many defendants are eligible for a process known as expungement, which wipes the slate clean and rids your record of criminal charges.  An experienced post-conviction attorney can tell if you’re eligible for an expungement or if you need your criminal record to be sealed by the court.

Can My Felony Conviction Be Reduced To A Misdemeanor?

Convicted of a felony? Successfully completed your probation? You may be able to reduce your conviction to a misdemeanor.  The Law Office of Jerry Kaufman can find out if you qualify for a felony to misdemeanor reduction.

Do I Need A Pardon for My Criminal Conviction?

You already know that a single conviction can have consequences for years to come.  If you’ve got an old conviction, but no additional criminal history for the past ten years, a pardon can eliminate some of the consequences of your conviction.  An experienced post-conviction attorney can tell you if this option is available to you.  Contact Jerry Kaufman today so he can clear your name and get your life back on track.

Am I Eligible For A Prop 47 Appeal?

Proposition 47 has provided immediate relief for many of our clients including:

  • early release from custody,
  • termination of probation or parole, and
  • the reduction of many felonies to misdemeanors.

Do you want to know if you, a family member or a loved one qualifies for relief under Proposition 47? Contact Jerry Kaufman today. Our office has already successfully pushed through many of these petitions. Jerry Kaufman is an experienced post-conviction attorney and he can seek Prop 47 relief for you in Court right away.

Which Criminal Convictions Are Affected By Prop 47?

  • Shoplifting property worth $950 or less
  • Forgery on a check worth $950 or less
  • Drug Possession possessed for personal use

Do you want more information on Prop 47? Contact the Law Office of Jerry Kaufman today to ask about Prop 47 and get a free consultation. Are you facing a deadline? Don’t wait or risk the chance to get your record cleaned up!